M-4 Data-Driven Instruction

Teachers use data and aligned resources to transform instructional methods and empower students to take ownership of their learning.

What does this look like in our schools and classrooms?

  • Use pre- and post-assessments to assess growth
  • Use common formative assessments within grade levels / content areas to monitor progress
  • Offer remediation and re-teaching for specific students based on their specific weaknesses
  • Encourage student reflection and ownership of learning after assessments
  • Involve students in designing their next step strategies through student conferencing
  • Flexibly group students based on interests, ability, CFA results, and/or learning styles
  • Use self-correcting and prescriptive digital resources (iReady, Ten Marks, Study Island, etc.)
  • Look beyond overall data scores and trends to individual student results and needs
  • Provide multiple checks for understandings and methods to assess understanding
  • Implement data walls / notebooks, student data trackers, digital portfolios and self-evaluation
  • Provide small group instruction with flexible, data-driven groups
  • Use assessment results to drive lesson planning and design
  • Participate in data discussions based on student learning in PLCs, Grade Level, School and District levels
  • Give assignments based on student need and differentiation
  • Collect data to support MTSS
  • Review item analysis with students after assessments and correct misconceptions

Exemplar Lessons & Strategies

How Can Technology Support this M-Powerment Strategy?

Mastery Connect
Formative Assessment & Data tracking
  • Have students track their progress toward goals
  • Identify learning targets that need more work
  • Focus on growth and progress toward mastery
Interactive video quizzes with results tracking dashboard
  • Flip the classroom and assess students’ knowledge on a subject through in-video quizzes and post-assessments
  • Browse gallery to use as remediation resources
Online quizzes and games in a teacher classroom
  • Use Space Race for warm-ups and exit tickets
  • Give checks for understanding to determine groups

For Future Reading, Exploration, & Learning

Educational Articles

Check out these additional research-based articles and books related to this M-Powerment Strategy. 

 https://sites.google.com/a/mgsd.k12.nc.us/mgsd-big-refresh/system/app/pages/search?scope=search-site&q=M-1Self-Paced PD

To explore more about this strategy, check out some of the sessions that have been offered at previous Summer Institutes related to this strategy. Each one contains lots of strategies you can implement and resources you can use to improve your practice.

Instructional Coach-Created Resources

Newsletters and contests created by our Instructional Coaches and School Library Media Coordinators have lots of resources and ideas you can implement. Here are a few that relate to this strategy.