M-2 High Expectations

Teachers set high expectations for learning and believe all students are capable of achieving success.

What does this look like in our schools and classrooms?

  • Be specific in what you expect students to know and be able to do
  • Encourage students to meet expectations for a particular task
  • Develop and post I Can... statements, combined with a "You can" mentality
  • Offer learning contracts and individualized agendas (to-do lists)
  • Build trust and hope among students and celebrate successes
  • Focus on growth mindset phrases and activities that allow for risk-taking
  • Implement rigorous instruction and curriculum
  • Be consistent with classroom management and set expectations that show that you know everyone can learn
  • Acknowledge each child’s successes and offer praise when established standards are met
  • Use progress monitoring, rubrics, and self-evaluation to share expectations and measure growth/progress
  • Question ALL students with higher-level thinking stems, probing questions, and student-led discussion
  • Allow for student ownership of setting individualized learning goals, monitoring their own progress (i.e. data trackers), and development of evidence of achievement
  • Use digital portfolios to demonstrate student skills and progress
  • Create rubrics with clear expectations for each level of performance
  • Focus on creation, not consumption
  • Start strong and maintain focus to challenge students daily

Exemplar Lessons & Strategies

How Can Technology Support this M-Powerment Strategy?

Mastery Connect
Formative Assessment & Data tracking
  • Have students track their progress toward goals
  • Identify learning targets that need more work
  • Focus on growth and progress toward mastery

Google Sheets
Spreadsheets and graphing tool for progress monitoring
  • Have students create personal data trackers to connect effort and success
  • Use graphs and reflection components to encourage student ownership

Safe, Secure Parent & Student Communication via Text
  • Students create websites to document their work process
  • Create digital portfolios that show growth in skills / learning over time


For Future Reading, Exploration, & Learning

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Instructional Coach-Created Resources

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