M-1 Collaborative Culture of Caring

Teachers collaborate to create a culture of caring where every child every day feels valued and nurtured.

What does this look like in our schools and classrooms?

  • Get to know students, parents, other teachers, and staff
  • Call students by name, greet them at the door, and say hello outside of class (hallways, events, etc.)
  • Contribute your time, attention, and resources to PLC / grade-level meetings
  • Develop social contracts in class with students
  • Offer praise, affirmation, and celebrations
  • Recognize strengths; respect differences
  • Make positive phone calls and emails home
  • Send weekly newsletters and other frequent communication home
  • Offer and accept teacher-to-teacher support, feedback, mentoring and coaching
  • Involve parent and community volunteers in classrooms and the school
  • Recognize and appreciate diverse cultures
  • Offer opportunities for student-to-student peer mentoring and support
  • Encourage participation in clubs and athletic activities; attend these events if possible
  • Develop classroom management that promotes trust, tolerance, acceptance, and making good choices
  • Encourage student sharing with Monday Meetings, "Good Things"
  • Incorporate Capturing Kids Hearts

Exemplar Lessons & Strategies

How Can Technology Support this M-Powerment Strategy?

Class Dojo
Behavior Management & Parent Communication
  • Share pictures and videos of class activities with parents
  • Track behavior to reward and motivate students

Class & Parent Newsletters

  • Send parents weekly updates with photos of activities and links to at-home help resources
  • Have students create quarterly newsletters showing what they learned to share with parents.
Safe, Secure Parent & Student Communication via Text
  • Remind students / parents of upcoming events and due dates
  • Communicate with club and team members about practices and meetings.

For Future Reading, Exploration, & Learning

Educational Articles

Check out these additional research-based articles and books related to this M-Powerment Strategy. 

 https://sites.google.com/a/mgsd.k12.nc.us/mgsd-big-refresh/system/app/pages/search?scope=search-site&q=M-1Self-Paced PD

To explore more about this strategy, check out some of the sessions that have been offered at previous Summer Institutes related to this strategy. Each one contains lots of strategies you can implement and resources you can use to improve your practice.

Instructional Coach-Created Resources

Newsletters and contests created by our Instructional Coaches and School Library Media Coordinators have lots of resources and ideas you can implement. Here are a few that relate to this strategy.