NTI (New Teacher Induction) 2017

Tuesday, August 15, MIS
9:30 - 10:15
  • Who's Who in our District: Roles and Support





April Davala, Damien Akelman

Kristi Brawley, Erin Stutts

Mooresville Middle

Felicia Davis

Allison Long

Mooresville Intermediate

Sarah Dillard

Kristina Thoennes

East Mooresville Intermediate

Tara Gander

Mesha Lasky

Park View Elementary

 Monica Schroeder

Susie Harkey

South Elementary

Lauren Pollock

Cheryl McCrorey

Rocky River Elementary

Jenna Cook

Sharon Jayne

Personalized Learning Iron Chef Activity (20 minutes)
Scott Smith, Todd Black, April Davala, Lauren Pollock, Felicia Davis

Successful teachers personalize their classrooms by using technology effectively to differentiate for ability, interests and learning styles.  What opportunities exist to personalize in the diverse classrooms we face daily?
  1. Your table will pull 5 student cards (pink), 1 learning objective card (green) and 3 tool or instructional cards (yellow) to determine your "classroom".
  2. Using the cards, brainstorm how the teacher can personalize the learning in this scenario.

Walk Throughs (20 minutes) Scott Smith, Todd Black, April Davala, Lauren Pollock, Felicia Davis
10:30 -  11:15

Elementary - Top 6 Instructional Strategies

Wednesday, August 16, MIS 8:45-10:45

Activity 1: Claim IAM Account and Login / Powerschool - Ginger Huffstickler, Crystal Britt, Kim Cline

Activity 2: MGSD Digital Resources, Clever, Explore Time

Activity 3: LEARN for Grades 3-12 April Davala, Felicia Davis, Using SeeSaw K-2 Jemma Conley
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