Feb. 1 Early Release

Gradebook Check

Pair up with a partner. Using the gradebook checklist ensure you have:
1. Hid your first semester classes
2. Set up your gradebook for 3rd quarter
3. Set your 3rd Quarter Average as the external grade (Green checkmark).

Breakout Sessions and Locations

 Department Location Session Leaders
 Math Ms. Oliver's RoomNCFE Released Item Review & Literacy for Math Dr. Royal
 Damien Akelman

 English Ms. Hicks' Room Strategies for Student Success Tracey Waid

 Social Studies
 Media Center - Main Room EC Strategies for Non-Inclusion Classes Janeen Mayfield
 Lindsay Knippenberg
 ASW Teachers (Health, Arts, World  Language) Media Center - PD Room
 ASW Workshop Eric Schwarzenegger
 PE, ROTC Magnolia Staff Development Room Data Tracking for Non-Core Classes Meredith Bost

 EC EC Conference Room /  Office Paperwork Workshop N/A

 CTE Woods CTE Workshop

 Blocker / Gibbs

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