Video Tools for Instruction

Session Description

In this session you will learn how to take video creation to a new level. Learn how to edit, trim and voice annotate videos (such as those from Khan Academy), embed quizzes throughout the videos, and build study resources. We'll also share how you can teach your students to do the same. EduCannon, edPuzzle, Zaption, VideoNotes

Learner Outcomes

  • Compare and explore the video tools
  • Create a video lesson using one of the tools
  • Apply how to use the tool in the classroom


Activity 1:

Click on the icons in the presentation and view two of the tools as a student.  Keep in mind the similarities and differences between the two tools.  Then fill out the student-use form for each of the tools you explored.  Explore the tools as a teacher and set up your accounts and fill out the teacher-use form for each of the tools you explored.

Activity 2:

Take the application survey to analyze how you could use the tools in the classroom.

Activity 3:

Pick one tool and create a lesson that could be used during the next school year in your classroom.

Additional Resources

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