Strategies for Differentiating

Session Description

How do you meet the academic needs of every kid in your classroom and allow for choice? What are some easy ways to differentiate a single lesson to meet student choice/need? This session will cover: Color coded Google Presentations linked through QR codes; Blendspace rows that are leveled or where students select from each row to meet the learning objective; Tic Tac Toe boards/Choice boards and many other strategies for differentiating your classroom and allowing for student choice.

Learner Outcomes

  • Explore different means of pre-assessing in order to differentiate (Kahoot, Blendspace, or other assessment tools).
  • Explore a variety of tools to organize your content for differentiated lessons based on student levels or interest with a focus on QR codes, Blendspace, and Thinglink Choice Boards.
  • Create a plan or outline of a differentiated lesson to use in their own classroom in the 2015-16 school year.

Activity 1: QR Code Kahoot

Use Kahoot to pre-assess your knowledge of QR codes, then explore means to differentiate using QR color coding.

Activity 2: Blendspace

Explore the functions Blendspace offers to create differentiated lessons.

Activity 3: Thinglink

Use a Thinglink to explore, share, and create to differentiate 

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