Organizing Your Digital Life

Session Description

How do we organize the many resources and tools we learn about in our digital world? You may have a Safari bookmark bar a mile long, or find yourself forgetting about resources you meant to come back to. During this session you will learn how to organize your bookmarks in Safari and compare digital curation/organizing sites such as Google Bookmarking, and Symbaloo. You will have time to “organize your chaos” using your favorite method.

Learner Outcomes

  • Explore resources that have been discussed in the session
  • Organize your digital life using one of the resources provided

Activity 1: Introduction of Tools

We will introduce you to 10 organizational tools. 

Activity 2: Dig Deeper

Choose 2-3 organization tools to dig deeper. 

Activity 3: Organize!

Choose an organization tool and start organizing your chaos!

Additional Resources

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