LMS Work Session

Session Description

Now that you have been introduced to the LMS, spend the afternoon processing what you learned this morning. Our facilitators are on hand to help you navigate through Learn (remember it's their first time too!) and facilitate sh
aring of information as well all work on this transition together. Choice from the activity options or just explore at your own pace. This is not a direct instruction class, but rather worktime with facilitators to help you.


Learner Outcomes

  • Transfer lesson materials from Angel into Learn
  • Organize lesson materials

Optional Activity 1: Create an "Assignment" in Learn

What were called Lessons and Dropboxes in Angel are now combined into what are called Assignments in Learn. Use this time to transfer one of your old lessons or dropboxes from Angel into Learn. 

Best Practices Alert: In the past you may have created multiple items inside a folder with your uploaded directions for your project, a separate item for your uploaded rubric, items for each of your links / resources, and another item with the "dropbox" itself. In learn you will create a Content Folder (typically by Unit or Theme), then under each Content Folder you will create a Learning Module. Inside the Learning Module all of these things will be combined together. This makes it much easier for students to navigate to what they are looking for and eliminates the amount of clicking they have to do.

  1. Login and select your Sandbox course.
  2. Click on Content in the top white box at left.
  3. Under Build Content in the main window, select Folder
    1. Name it the Unit or Topic for the lesson you are going to build out
    2. Select your options
    3. Click on the created folder to next create a Learning Module within this folder
  4. Under Build Content in the main window, select Learning Module
    1. Give it a title and description
    2. Select options in areas 2 and 3
    3. Select  Yes on Show Table of Contents in 4 and select your choice under Hierarchy.
    4. Click on the name of your Learning Module (aka Lesson)
    5. Use the Build Content Tool to continue adding pieces such as images, items (files), assessments, etc. Note that you will find the old "dropbox" under Assessments listed as Assignments.

Optional Activity 2: Copy and paste assessment from Angel to Learn

For short assessments, you will copy and paste from an Angel assessment into a new test in Learn.
  1. Login to your Angel and select a basic assessment (less than 20 questions). 
  2. Create a new assessment in your Learn Sandbox course. 
  3. Copy and paste your Angel assessment into Learn using the different types of Assessment questions.

Optional Activity 3: Crowdsourcing Learn

We work better when we work together. Use this collaborative Google doc to post your questions. As you are playing with learn, see if you can answer other teachers' questions and add them to the document. 

Additional Resources

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