Best Practices with Student iPads in K-1

Session Description

In the fall, all K-1 MGSD students will have access to their own iPad. During this session, you will learn how to transform the teaching and learning environment by effectively utilizing iPads. The focus of this session will be student use of the iPad for creation and not consumption.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of using the iPad to increase engagement
  • Learn how creation is also assessment in the classroom.
  • Communicate/collaborate with parents through use of the iPad


Activity 1: App Challenge with Popplet Lite

Task Challenge: Create a Popplet using the following guidelines: 
  • Create a popple, insert a selfie into this popple, insert your name 
  • Create three new popples that attach to your selfie popple. Include THREE ACTIVITIES that you love doing. 
  • Create a new popple and include a WISH that you have •Create a new popple and include your FAVORITE FOOD 
  • Change the color of each popple you created, and then export the completed Popplet to your camera roll.
How else can this be an effective tool?

Activity 2: App Exploration

What apps have you experimented with so far and/or have interest in learning more about? Take a look at some student-created activities from various programs (ChatterPix, Pic Collage, Screen Chomp, etc.). How could these give you an informative look at each child, as well as formative? 
Partner up and choose at least 2 more apps (besides popplet)  that you are not familiar with from the board or that you have interest in.  Take some time to explore it and be ready to share the app and a way it can be used in the classroom.  If you have more time, do another.  Be sure to note sharing capabilities of finished products that can be shared with parents and each other.

Activity 3: Effective Management of iPads in a 1:1

What concerns do you have about things that might pop up during the year? Let's brainstorm solutions! If you have trouble with the QR code for the Padlet, you can access it here.

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