Day 1/A: Personalized Learning - REFRESHED

Session Locations

MHS/Woods - Gym
MMS - PD Room 100
EMIS - 303
MIS - 401
PVES - 402
SES - 304 
RRES - Media Center

Session Description
Let’s REFRESH the way we plan lessons. In this session, participants will explore best instructional practices for creating personalized environments and differentiated lessons.  We’ll explore how to channel technology to increase student engagement, and provide more student choice and voice while increasing student achievement. 

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  • distinguish between personalized, differentiated and individualized instruction
  • incorporate student choice and voice in a technology-rich environment
  • increase student achievement by implementing personalized and differentiated lessons

Warm-Up (5 minutes)

In a group of 3, write a definition of Personalized Learning. Share out with the whole group. Are any the same? What common themes do you see?

Activity 1: PDI Sort (20 minutes)

What is the difference between Personalized Learning, Differentiation and Individualized Instruction?
  1. In a new group of 3, sort the cards into what you think are the correct piles.
    • Digital Version (pre-sorted into sets; paper version may want to refer to this)
  2. Compare your answers with another group and discuss why you put them where they are. 
  3. Your group leaders will share the answers after the discussion.

Activity 2: Thinglink Exploration (30 minutes)

Personalized Learning can be many different things.  Take a look at this Thinglink interactive game board and investigate the resources. You do not have to visit every spaceTake notes on the graphic organizer (paper or online). 
  • What does this mean for me and my students?
  • What am I going to implement?
  • What changes do I need to make in my classroom?
  • How does this affect student achievement?

Break (10 minutes)

Activity 3: Creation (35 minutes)

  1. In your small group, create a digital product using a tool of your choice (see our Cool Tools Library for ideas) that summarizes how you can implement personalized learning on a deeper level in your classroom. Include your learning from the inquiry in Activity 2 and your action items from your graphic organizer. Share out with the class.
  2. Fill out this form with the link to your creation. Feel free to explore the responses to see what other schools and groups create!

Activity 4: Quizizz (10 minutes)

How much did you learn? Take this Quizizz quiz to find out how well you understand personalized learning.

Activity 5: EdCamp Launch (10 minutes)

Watch the video, check out the matrix, find your first session and plan the rest of your day!

Additional Resources