Day 2/A: Introduction to Learn (LMS)

Activity 1: Login


To login to Blackboard Learn, visit Login with the first half of your email address and your computer / Email password.

You will have two courses:
  1. Teacher Sandbox course - you are enrolled as the teacher. You can create / play in this course and then transfer content to your courses once Fall courses are created.
  2. LMS Learn course - you are enrolled as a student. This will allow you to see what our students will experience this fall. You will complete your training in this course. Your ITF and Media staff are your teachers and they will track your progress as your learn Blackboard.

Activity 2: Some Vocabulary

Blackboard Learn and Angel are similar, but there are some terms and things you are used to that will be different in the new LMS. Here are the terms you need to be familiar with.

Activity 3: Basic Skills

You will walk through some of the most very basic skills with the LMS.  There is a lot to learn - do not get overwhelmed! You will have lots of opportunities to learn the new LMS at drop in labs, Super Saturdays this fall and in trainings over the school year. 

For this section, keep track of your skills and take notes on the paper handout (or digitally if you prefer: go to File, Make a Copy, save it to your Drive and then type your notes below the skills). After each section, you will take a quiz in your LMS Learn course.

Additional Resources

Please visit the following resources for help with Blackboard Learn: