Course Descriptions

Making Centers WorkCenter work involves more than dividing your students into small groups. Hear how teachers successfully use centers to differentiate and promote student leadership through group roles, logistics, differentiated assignments, and learning styles.
Best Practices with Student iPads in K-1In the fall, all K-1 MGSD students will have access to their own iPad. During this session, you will learn how to transform the teaching and learning environment by effectively utilizing iPads. The focus of this session will be student use of the iPad for creation and not consumption.
Student CollaborationWhat does effective student collaboration look like? Learn to design lessons to maximize how students are collaborating and with a defined purpose in your lessons and classroom. This session will cover job roles, differentiated grouping approaches (heterogenous v/s homogeneous, etc.), tools to enhance students' collaboration, and appropriate audiences (inside and outside of school audiences).
LMS Playground (x 2)Now that you have been introduced to the LMS, spend the afternoon moving your content into your courses at your own pace. This is not a direct instruction class, but rather worktime with facilitators to help you if you get stuck.
Effective Questioning & Student DiscussionEffective questioning skills are essential to guiding students into higher level thinking and checking for understanding. In this session, you will learn about effective question stems, how to probe and extend student thinking, scaffold, differentiate questioning, and how to develop student-centered discussion.
Organizing and working with Google DriveYou have moved everything from your Mac to Google Drive - now what? Learn about folders, sharing, moving documents and other organizational techniques within Google Drive. Advanced users can explore Doctopus, Autocrat and other scripts for organizing and automating your workflow.
Creating Teacher Portfolios with Google SitesJust like students are using digital portfolios to demonstrate their growth and skills, you can use Google Sites to build a teacher portfolio that tells parents and other educators about your philosophy. Enhance your own website to do more than be an "About Me" page and include more interactive elements. This course is also suitable for teachers wishing to learn more about student portfolios.
Organizing Your Digital LifeHow do we organize the many resources and tools we learn about in our digital world? You may have a Safari bookmark bar a mile long, or find yourself forgetting about resources you meant to come back to. During this session you will learn how to organize your bookmarks in Safari and compare digital curation/organizing sites such as Google Bookmarking, and Symbaloo. You will have time to “organize your chaos” using your favorite method.
iCurio & WixieK-6 teachers learn more about the benefits of utilizing Wixie and iCurio for student creation in the classroom .
Moving Across the Line: Lesson Transformation with SAMR So you know your content and how to teach it and you understand SAMR, but you have no idea how to move right and across the line. Bring your lessons and learn how to transform them as we move existing lessons up the SAMR ladder.
Strategies for differentiating in your classroom (Google, QR, etc.)How do you meet the academic needs of every kid in your classroom and allow for choice? What are some easy ways to differentiate a single lesson to meet student choice/need? This session will cover: Color coded Google Presentations linked through QR codes; Blendspace rows that are leveled or where students select from each row to meet the learning objective; Tic Tac Toe boards/Choice boards and many other strategies for differentiating your classroom and allowing for student choice.
Making Global Connections (Twitter, Skype, Blogging)Twitter...Skype...Blogging..Are you trying to find strategies to connect with an "outside audience?" In this session, you will have opportunities to explore multiple tools that allow your students to connect with the WORLD! Explore ways you can enhance your classroom and you as a teacher:
• making global connections
• building a PLN
• removing walls from your classroom
• form of professional development
Student Data Tracking and Reflection using Google SheetsSo you and your students have all this data from various sources (EVAAS, IXL, My Math Lab, iStation, iReady, etc.) what do we do with it? This session will cover how to create and utilize Student Data trackers and reflection in the classroom.
Video Tools for InstructionIn this session you will learn how to take video creation to a new level. Learn how to edit, trim and voice annotate videos (such as those from Khan Academy), embed quizzes throughout the videos, and build study resources. We'll also share how you can teach your students to do the same. EduCannon, edPuzzle, Zaption, VideoNotes